Postnatal Support


It is the remembrance of the forgotten song of the feminine and a retrieval of our natural birthing powers through the passageway of becoming a mother

In a world where mothers are exhausted and fatigued from being pressured to be all things to all people, Postnatal Doulas support new and growing families to maintain the meaning, depth and health of a changing environment. 

In the most vulnerable of times where mothers need to feel heard, cared for and supported, the Postnatal Doula is a companion, a listener and guide. A Postnatal Doula offers new mothers a space to process their birth stories, their arising fears, their body’s traumas and healing stories, their challenges, frustrations and revelations about the unexplored territory of motherhood.

When parents and newborns are well supported they grow and thrive, their inner lives glow and their outer worlds blossom. 

It was in the depths of a particularly dark afternoon in the days following birth that I admitted defeat and turned to ask the universe for help. And the universe sent Rain.

One of the greatest challenges a new mother can face is feeling seen and heard, and that’s what Rain does. With a thoughtful and caring presence, she is always carefully leading me to believe what I already know deep in my heart to be true, reinforcing my natural maternal instincts.

Rain first came to my home, armed with a basket full of treats to replenish and nurtured me. She sat holding me whilst I cried, holding my crying baby. By nurturing and gently encouraging me - she helped me to make that shift into feeling empowered enough to trust my process and above all - the importance of presence with myself and my child.

Rain goes above and beyond to stay connected, to check-in emotionally and to be there as both a friend and guide.

I cannot express how safe and supported you may feel in Rain’s care; I wish I could spread her love and attention to all new mothers.
— rose louey, creative director for herbe fragrances, & artist