she shows you how to feel the dream talk of flowers, how our inner rhythms carry gifts and should not be forbidden, how the heart can be found before the beginning of time. in the moonlight you can hear the drumming of an ancient blessing and the voices of the children calling to you with prayers of healing and forgiveness. 

Pregnancy, infant child loss and terminations (planned or medical) have the potential to be one of the most powerful rites of passage a womxn can experience, taking us into the depths of our values, beliefs, boundaries, shadows and trauma - and above all our relationships: with others, ourselves and our bodies. 

Often the most difficult aspects to make peace with are the loss of the dreams we had for our children, our family and motherhood. 

abortion, miscarriage and loss rituals Creates a space for all mothers, experiencing all spectrums of birth, life, love and loss.

it’s a chance to gather yourself, heal and share your dream stories - honouring the children born and unborn and the mother you were about to become and always will be. it is a reminder that our dreams, our children and our innocence are in fact never lost. That they live on in our hearts, in the stars and are just a dreamtime away.