Flower Medicine


we may have forgotten, but in our bones we know she calls to us, that she is within us, that she is the dancing force of our natural rhythms

when rain was a child she understood the heart’s capacity for heightened devotion. she would lie in the clearing where moonlight would visit her and the flowers wove gentle textures across her body. their voices became her belonging, passing through her spirit the ancestors stories of the joyous, the brave woman, the wild intuition, the song of the soul’s healing. 

she has been working with the flowers spirituality, myths and medicine from various lineages for over seven years and incorporates that work into each session through the creation & use of flower essences, yoni steams, scrubs and salts.


‘lineage’ is a love letter to your pussy. a sacred poem to the warm, soft, wet walls that hold the stories of grief, loss, birth, pleasure and pain. the song line of all the womxn who came before you. the holy grail of emotions that travelled lifetimes to find the one ready to feel them…you. 

wild + vibrant x the flower doula have come together to create a limited run of the cosmic egg for lineage and ancestral work in the pelvis. 

cosmic eggs are a biodynamic, botanical lube used for self-care rituals and sexual wellness. a blessing to your ancestry and all those doing this deep lineage work.

wild rose, orchid, jasmine, pink yarrow, damiana, kava, angelica, mugwort, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline, serpentine and carnelian have been lovingly combined with lydia’s signature cosmic egg formula. 

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medicine women

rain also calls in the lineages of other flower medicine womxn who work with ethical, small batch herbal products for use pre, during and post sessions: