The flower doula presents:

The Garden of the Grieving Willows

Women's Loss Circle for termination, pregnancy & child loss
Monday's Feb 4-Mar 11 from 7.00-9.00pm

We can never know the pain of a mother that has lost a child or the anguish of a woman who didn't feel safe enough to keep her child...until we experience it. 

This is not a space to heal your grief. Grief is not something that needs to be fixed, your pain is not something that needs to be fixed and most of all - you are not someone that needs to be fixed. 

This is a space to share...differently. More than just our stories, we will see how we are carrying the stories of all women and all mothers within us. We will learn to lovingly navigate the terrain of our bodies, our boundaries and honour our children by honouring their mother in the most gentle of ways. 

We can become the safest place we've ever known. And we can allow ourselves to be held by other strong mothers. 

Because we are ALL still mothers, starting by mothering ourselves. 

This is a 6 week lovingly and gently guided journey looking at:  

- the connection between our births, our menarche & the births of our children
- ancestral and collective themes of guilt, shame, blame etc. 
- sovereignty, boundaries and consent
- cycle tracking and family planning for fertility and contraception
- nervous system regulation and 
- loss ceremonies. 

Places are limited to 11 participants and it is required that you commit to attending all sessions for the safety and flow of the group. 


will be $299.00 and will include all herbs, essences and crystal tools used during the program valued at over $100.00. 


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