Energy Worker


Carving out the bones of womxn’s stories, the myths of wild seeds that have been buried in the old memories stir. In the beloved garden, you can hear her attending to what has been neglected and forgotten. See her for She belongs to you. She is weaver of your inner rhythms, the knower of your soul, the wild offering, the bringer back to life. 

There are many pathways and conversations that lead us back to our body, to this place we call home. Walking with you through the sanctity of your soul’s dreaming, Rain will listen, support and guide you into the personal and ancient records of your soul’s remembering.  

rain creates a nurturing space, that works on the deep movement of psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual energy. a practice that calls back, into the womxn’s body, the spirit, the stories, the gifts and the ancient songs. where womxn can feel safe to embrace new aspects of themselves and release long held stagnant patterns and trauma.

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Rain is a beautiful heart centred healer. My postnatal ritual was everything I dreamed of and more. Everything was explained to me, I felt comfortable and supported, and she held space for me to express whatever emotions I needed to. For the first time since the birth of my son, I feel like I’m back in my body to my full expression. Thank you Rain for your guidance and love. (after 2 sessions)

I’ve been having sessions with Rain and am so blown away by her that I want to make it mandatory for all mums to see her. Doesn’t matter if your baby is 1 day or 18 years. You all need to see her! It has helped me step back into my power and made me a better mother and a better human.
(after 4 sessions).
— Dr Carrie Rigoni, Pregnancy & Child Chiropractor and Pilates Instructor
Rain is one of the most precious humans I have ever had the privilege to meet. I am incredibly grateful for her wisdom, her intuition and her gentleness. Rain’s open and gentle expression allowed me to feel safe immediately and my healing sessions with her have been profound.
Rain has been guiding and supporting me with creating a new and loving relationship with my womb - a precious, powerful part of me - that I had neglected for most of my life. My blossoming relationship (with myself) is opening me up to so many magical possibilities.
— Emma Abbott, Meditation Coach, Kinesiologist, EFT & Theta Healing Practitioner