Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder


CORNMINT LAVENDER TOOTH POWDER is a delightfully vigorous blend of naturally effective ingredients for comprehensive maintenance of oral health and appearance. based on a proven combination of traditional and contemporary wisdom, this unique formulation is a deliciously therapeutic aspect of daily oral care.

White clay, sea salt and baking soda are naturally brightening, lightening, deodorizing, alkalizing and mildly abrasive.

Aloe vera is healing, soothing, plaque-reducing and anti-inflammatory.

Xylitol possesses plaque reducing properties and is a natural, non-plaque-feeding, sweetener.

Myrrh's exception antiseptic, antimicrobial and astringent properties make it excellent for overall gum health.

Neem is a highly regarded Ayurvedic herb with formidable properties that support healthy teeth, gums and fresh breath.

And essential oils of cornmint and lavender contribute to the anti-bacterial qualities and uniquely delicious flavor of this formulation.

Artisan: Fig+Yarrow

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