Holy Smokes - Dream Time (full moon)

Holy Smokes - Dream Time (full moon)


A soothing blend that relaxes both body & mind, while enhancing dream time. 

Use as sacred smudge sticks or for sending prayers on the wind!

Full moon blends invoke a fuller expression of emotional & creative juices.. the desire to share one's inner world with others is strong under the influence of our full moon smokes.. dancing is encouraged.


DAMIANA Turnera diffusa + traditionally known for its aphrodisiacal qualities, this herb stimulates blood flow, enhancing body sensations

CATNIP Nepeta cataria + this mint family member is notorious for driving cats wild, yet is calming for humans, aiding restful sleep

MUGWORT Artemisia douglasiana + used for centuries for its warming, stimulating qualities…when smoked, the goddess of the wild, Artemis, is invoked & dreams are as vibrant as ever

Organic with mugwort wildcrafted in california « in alignment with lunar cycles

Smokes are rolled with rice paper + sealed with sugar gum + biodegradable cotton filters

Artisan: Moon Minded Medicine 

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