Energy Worker


Carving out the bones of womxn’s stories, the myths of wild seeds that have been buried in the old memories stir. In the beloved garden, you can hear her attending to what has been neglected and forgotten. See her for She belongs to you. She is weaver of your inner rhythms, the knower of your soul, the wild offering, the bringer back to life. 

There are many pathways and conversations that lead us back to our body, to this place we call home. Walking with you through the sanctity of your soul’s dreaming, Rain will listen, support and guide you into the personal and ancient records of your soul’s remembering.  

rain creates a nurturing space, that works on the deep movement of psychological, emotional, physical energy. a practice that calls back, into the womxn’s body, the spirit, the stories, the gifts and the ancient songs. where womxn can feel safe to embrace new aspects of themselves and release long held stagnant patterns and trauma.

rain is currently completing her masters in therapeutic arts practise. her services will be available after the completion of her final thesis in 2021.