certified birth, postnatal & full spectrum doula. womb worker. flower medicine marker.

Rain’s work restores the power and veneration of the feminine soul. With immense gentleness and grace, Rain invites you into the realm of the body’s truth, a truth that awakens, heals, allows, laughs and connects.

With an unconditional regard for all life that is precious, Rain cracks open the dominant culture, exposing its myths about womxn and in the process, giving us the courage to unmask the medicine of our own body.

Rain is the keeper of the heart Mother’s stories, a companion, a doula, a worker of wombs, flowers, moon energy and the old trees. 

Her vision is one that returns us to our roots, our power, and the rich centre of our being, regardless of age, race, creed or religion.   

training and qualifications

Rain’s super powers lie in her ability to be fiercely compassionate and empathetic, all the while commanding her space with authority, professionalism and vigour. Do not judge this powerful woman by her tiny stature - her soul will make you tremble. Anyone working with or collaborating with Rain would be so lucky to have her!
— Angela Gallo, Birth Educator, Doula and Influencer.