Abortion and Loss Support


Behind the nights where we were taught to feel shame, to feel guilt and to hide our grief...lies the renewal, the retrieving and the sacred song of deep love, belonging and self-forgiveness

As a Doula, Rain provides emotional, physical, relational, informational and ritual support to through any pregnancy outcome including planned or medical abortion, miscarriage or infant loss and adoption.

This is a time that can cause us to become bereft with pain, shame and grief; we can feel exiled from ourselves, separated from others and internally dismembered.

Common expressions of this may be anxiety, numbness, guilt, flashbacks, depression and suicidal ideation and/or thoughts. (if you're having suicidal thoughts please visit my 'circle of support' page)

Finding a space to feel safe in our bodies and supported in the choices we make, to recover our strength, to honour our experiences and revere our heartbreak without fear - allows us to apply a powerful medicine to the places that need healing. 

Rain supported me prenatally, over the phone while I was in early labour and with a recent surgical termination. It’s hard to put into words the incredible support she has provided.

Rain was able to intuit and guide me to see what was really causing my fear and blockages and helped me release them in order to move forward with the labour. As much as she was supporting me every second I needed her, she also allowed the perfect amount of space my partner and I needed. Rain’s intuition and vast knowledge helped me during this sacred time where no other could, and I am eternally grateful.

For my termination, she arrived fully loaded with herbs & teas, healing foods, flower essences, warm hugs and the worlds most amazing weighted blanket to help support my nervous system. She thought of EVERYTHING I could have possibly needed during this time.

She allowed me to be vulnerable (something I never do and have a lot of trouble with) and helped me to release years of built-up trauma that I didn’t even realise was there, via debriefing, nurturing, touch and intuitive-healing work.

She supported me in ways others, not even my amazingly supportive partner, knew how to; and in ways I didn’t even know I needed. She also explained my needs to my partner in a way he understood and also felt supported and not threatened.

My son absolutely adores her! She did an awesome job of juggling looking after him and making sure my every need was met, that I felt safe, supported and loved-unconditionally. She has continued to check-in on me to make sure that whatever comes up, I am still supported. Not because it’s her job but because she actually genuinely cares.

Above all, she created a safe space for me to forgive myself and I woke up the next morning feeling a bit taller and as though I could hold my head up high.

Thank you Rain for making my potentially traumatic experiences, beautiful and empowering - and for just being you: Earth Mother’s miracle.
— Tara, Mother & Business Owner